I jumped

First off a train

It was a few days ago

In the coldest of rain

I jumped

After miles and miles

Countless days

Hoping to see her again

Second was the bus

It was still moving

Fell so hard

Let out a cuss

The sun was hot

My skin was bloody and baking

We missed each other again

Hearts still aching

Third was a subway

This time I jumped in

We locked eyes

Maybe she was looking at

Some other guys

I am just me

Still though

I jumped

I had to see

Lost my favorite scarf that day

Caught a cold

In the worst of ways

Fourth was my friend’s pickup

At a stoplight I think

Not really sure

Don’t remember much

Only asphalt and my skin

Red and pink

I woke up in the hospital

Doctor said that I jumped

For a woman

Nurse said that from what she heard

It was spontaneous and pure

They said nothing was broken

Except for my heart

And for that

There is

No cure

Fifth was from the same truck

This time it was safer

They made me sit in the front

I made them let me out

A few blocks away

From my place

So there I am

Coughing from the first jump

Clothes sticking to scabs from the second jump

Sneezing from the third jump

Head pounding and limping from the fourth jump

There I am on the corner now

Waiting to cross

There she is on the other side

Sixth was into traffic

Horns and brakes screeching

I held my hand up in apology

Hobbling across

Seventh was into her arms

I had to jump to avoid another

Emergency room visit

Surprisingly she caught me

I looked at her

Nice scarf, I said

I jumped, and

There we were.

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