If I cut you from the team,
It’s probably cause I had to
I didn’t burn the bridge
You’re the one that was mad rude
Your mouth said one thing
And the actions said another
You ask me why I don’t talk
It’s cause I don’t want to be a bother
The up and downs
Way too confusing
The smiles and frowns
Just illusions
Had me bungie-jumping to conclusions
Like the one time I dropped everything
Just to take you out
Then a hour late
You text just to fake me out
The wine was already breathing
But I poured it down the drain
Promised myself
No one would make me feel that way again
Now I’m on the come up
You have to watch from afar
Probably hurts a little bit
With your popcorn and Raisinets
Hope you still livin’ life
With no regrets
I don’t want to make it big
I only need a corner of the star
Too humble, too nice
Too good of a guy
You said that, not me
You cut yourself from the team
And I still wonder why
This could be us on the Strip
Or on the beach
But you playin’
I hope you find happiness
In the dream world
That you stay in


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