Every day I write to my love
Always sincere
A calm flowing into a bay of unsteady nerves
An unavoidable risk
A necessary dive off a cliff
Random revelations tend to emerge from my pen
Old memories
New adventures
We are happy for each other
Somehow, we are sad at the same time
Every day
The same walk to the postbox
Yesterday it was raining
Such a terrible storm
An unavoidable risk
Nevertheless, my pace was steady
Today the sun shines
My heart is steady
I follow it for seven blocks
A tree is has decided that today is the day
Such a beautiful bloom
Never do I close the letter at home
For fear that I will want to add more along the way
I never do though
My hand shakes when signing my name
My mouth always too dry to lick the envelope
Fortunately, the sweat under my cap is always there to aid me
Dropping the letter in the box feels like letting a balloon go into the wind
Happiness and Sadness
At the same time
Every day.

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