Flashback Surprise

Not feeling too great today. Probably caught some early winter bug. Hopefully, I’ll be better tomorrow. Just a reminder to myself that I need to keep exercising to keep myself relaxed and let some stress out. Here’s the recap of the docket from yesterday:
Soccer/Futboll – Sweeeeeeden came back from a 4-0 deficit at half-time to earn a tie against Germany (German fans are still mad. Some Swedes are probably still drunk with celebration.) U.S.A. beat Honduras 3-1 later in the day. 🙂
Baseball – Yankees lost to Tigers…..SO DISAPPOINTING! (Maybe that’s why I feel sick :(.
Presidential Debate – The real President Obama showed up. Would like to see more talking between both candidates though. I think the moderator should be able to mute mics when people don’t stick to the rules.

Remember when I first started this blog…Flashback . Well guess what I just found! Thank you internet. If you have the time, watch the whole concert. She is still FINE! Oh yea, Beyonce texted me and said she’s doing the Super Bowl half-time show this year. So proud of her ha :P!

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