“That’s Racist”….Really?

This post will be longer than usual. Maybe you will appreciate it…if not, you will get over it. Perhaps you can read it in separate parts throughout your day or all at once. I have labeled them in an obvious way for your convenience :).

    Part One

Over the past month and a half the United States has been torn over the murder of a young youth named Trayvon Martin. Trayvon was shot in his neighborhood on February 26, 2012. The shooter, George Zimmerman, was not charged until this past week (April 11, 2012). Now if you don’t see anything wrong with that, you probably failed Math and Civics. Due to a messed up law, the local police didn’t arrest Zimmerman that night (and there were some other things that will probably come out later) You can read up on the story here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shooting_of_Trayvon_Martin

I don’t want to type about that part anymore, because it makes my head hurt.

Anyway, people protested a lot when they found out about the shooting…But that wasn’t immediate. The country didn’t find out until a law student from Howard University got the ball rolling by starting a petition for Zimmerman’s arrest. After it blew up (numerically) with signatures, he turned control of the online petition to Trayvon’s parents.

Long story short: random things that are typically referred to as “evidence”, became public knowledge. No arrest = no crime scene. Thus, making the whole country text “SMH” (shaking my head) at the same time…
What began as a shooting with no arrest, ballooned into a vivid microcosm of America and her racial history. If you don’t know what I’m talking about please go read a book, and then come back to the computer. People tried to make it a black/white thing. But this is America. People love sharing their opinions openly. Some people will try to make a blue sky and green grass a black/white thing. I would tell those people to read a book too, but they probably can’t even read the subtitles on a Sesame Street episode. Key Facts: Trayvon Martin-Black, George Zimmerman-White/Peruvian, Kevin Cunningham (student who created the petition)-White. Think about it.

    Part Two

When people say “That’s Racist.” They should really think about it first…before they open their mouth. Most of the time, when I hear somebody say it, I wonder if they truly know themselves what racism is. I often think of how that person can relate to racism. Are they just throwing the word out because they think it’s the cool thing to do or what? Have they ever been discriminated against? I’m not saying that there is a criteria for saying the word, but some people just don’t think. I’ve been discriminated and harassed numerous times and I can honestly tell you the word is not meant for common use. When someone slides me money instead of placing it in my hand, it’s not because they are a germaphobe. It’s because they are scared that they catch my black if they touch my hand (racist). You can only smile at these people and hope the best for their soul…(after you go out of your way to touch their hand ha)

For the next section of this post you need to know something.

Black people like chicken. Not all (there are black vegetarians), but most. We also like golf, cauliflower, skateboarding, going to museums, and listening to classical/country music (personally, I only get down with selected few country songs).

This picture, my friends, is a picture based on racist stereotypes (two of them). See if you can find both of them.

This commercial only got to run a few times before it got yanked last week. (There are also two stereotypes in this)

The first stereotype in the video was obviously ‘black people and chicken’. The second is that all black people like Mary J. Blige ha. Only a few people will get that last one, so don’t think too long about it. I honestly wish more people would/could have seen eat so I would be the only one singing the song sometimes.

    Part Three

If you know me you know that I’ve been looking for jobs all over the world. While I admit that it has been one of the most frustrating times of my life, I will also say that I have learned a lot about myself and my friends/family (I didn’t want to type ‘and’ again. ha). A lot of people have asked me why I would put myself in the position of going overseas again. Some say negative things. Some encourage me. I’m always open to commentary about my life, but in the same moments that I’m believing in myself, I must also remain realistic. And as my brother and I will tell anybody, “The biggest part of being real is being aware.” I like to try to be as aware of my situations and surroundings (alliteration) as possible. During my kamikaze (I have killed my Circadian Rhythm…Sleep Suicide((alliteration))) job hunts online I occasionally ask friends in those countries what they think about foreigners working in their country…That’s always fun. But most of the info I stumble upon myself. I came across this the other night. If you are reading this from Sweden, don’t judge me for reading ‘The Local’. I know it’s not always the best news source, but whatever. I think it’s funny sometimes (plus the site isn’t as cluttered as Aftonbladet).


Read the comments…Think about them…

Bill Withers – Lovely Day

Go smile and don’t be racist.

4/15/2012…14 days since name-that-song/

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