Song of the Day: 3/20/2012

Credit: Last.FM

Run DMC – Rock Box

I heard this song a long…long…I’m not that old…time ago. Most people my age though, first heard it on Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. That game had one of the best soundtracks ever in a video game.

So many wasted hours :P

So many wasted hours 😛

I remember getting ready for school in the mornings and just turning the game on…pausing it to go to the radio settings…picking a station…and then I would mute the picture on the TV. I used to go to school hype everyday.

And if Rock Box came on right before I walked out to the bus…man, you couldn’t tell me nothin’. Because I knew it was going to be a good day after that.

At 3:30 you will realize how much technology has advanced since this video was made.

As I type this I have a hockey game on in the background, and I just realized that the Hurricanes probably won’t make the playoffs. And as I watch two teams who will, I can’t help to be jealous of the fans whose teams will make the playoffs. I have watched a good 75% of the Hurricane games this year and for some reason I still watch every game with the same excitement as I did when I saw them play for the first time.

Sometimes I try to relate the madness, that is my life, to sports. I competed a lot in my time here, so maybe it’s just going to always be like that. Anyway, it’s almost playoff season in my life. I feel like I’m going to have to make that final push and steal another team’s spot or just wait another year for next season. If you ask anybody who knows me they’ll tell you that I’m probably not the most patient person when it comes to things like this. And I would agree. There are still a lot of people watching me with same level of excitement they had when they saw me play in life for the first time.

Any tips for phone interviews would be appreciated. Thanks.

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