Song of the Day: 3/19/2012

Credit: Epic Records

Have you ever heard a song or even a piece of a song and then you just couldn’t get it out of your head? I think it happens to me at least ten times a day. This week I think I’ll post the main song of each day, every day. Feel free to comment with your song of the day also.

Sade (who is still FINE! by the way.) – Soldier of Love

It’s about to be stuck in your head. My dad said she’s old enough to be my mom…My response, “That doesn’t mean that I can’t go into battle with her.”

Meanwhile in the tournament. FSU just lost. Duke lost to nobody. Virginia lost (but they were just happy to be there). UNC is still alive (if not braking a wrist a game). And N.C. State is just hanging around to get beat by Carolina one more time.

I watched 60 minutes (one of my favorite shows) after the games today, and watched a story about people who couldn’t recognize faces. It was really interesting. If you want to know more I could find a link for you or something. But if you know how to use the internet you can find yourself (Don’t be lazy).

I was about to say something about politics that made me mad, but I’m too tired to rant.

Anyway, the weather is making the trees in this area bloom early. I don’t know who’s idea it was to plant Bradford Pear trees in every neighborhood in this area, but let it be known to whoever you are…Those trees smell like dead skunk ass that fell off a garbage truck.

Goodnight. 3/19/2012

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