I jumped

First off a train

It was a few days ago

In the coldest of rain

I jumped

After miles and miles

Countless days

Hoping to see her again

Second was the bus

It was still moving

Fell so hard

Let out a cuss

The sun was hot

My skin was bloody and baking

We missed each other again

Hearts still aching

Third was a subway

This time I jumped in

We locked eyes

Maybe she was looking at

Some other guys

I am just me

Still though

I jumped

I had to see

Lost my favorite scarf that day

Caught a cold

In the worst of ways

Fourth was my friend’s pickup

At a stoplight I think

Not really sure

Don’t remember much

Only asphalt and my skin

Red and pink

I woke up in the hospital

Doctor said that I jumped

For a woman

Nurse said that from what she heard

It was spontaneous and pure

They said nothing was broken

Except for my heart

And for that

There is

No cure

Fifth was from the same truck

This time it was safer

They made me sit in the front

I made them let me out

A few blocks away

From my place

So there I am

Coughing from the first jump

Clothes sticking to scabs from the second jump

Sneezing from the third jump

Head pounding and limping from the fourth jump

There I am on the corner now

Waiting to cross

There she is on the other side

Sixth was into traffic

Horns and brakes screeching

I held my hand up in apology

Hobbling across

Seventh was into her arms

I had to jump to avoid another

Emergency room visit

Surprisingly she caught me

I looked at her

Nice scarf, I said

I jumped, and

There we were.

Last Fall

RUMfoliage1P101511This time her leaves turned first
This year quicker than the last
Every fall like this one and before
We grow to love each other more
It only makes sense for memories
To be spread all over the ground
So bright in the spring
Now fading to brown
Her, a casual Redbud
Sawtooth Oak
Always the first and the last
To laugh at my jokes
Me, a complex Magnolia
My friends say I’m mixed with Pine
Leaves may be gone but
Our roots remain intertwined
Now our days are getting shorter
Almost to an end
Both of us dying
Waiting for spring to begin.



If I cut you from the team,
It’s probably cause I had to
I didn’t burn the bridge
You’re the one that was mad rude
Your mouth said one thing
And the actions said another
You ask me why I don’t talk
It’s cause I don’t want to be a bother
The up and downs
Way too confusing
The smiles and frowns
Just illusions
Had me bungie-jumping to conclusions
Like the one time I dropped everything
Just to take you out
Then a hour late
You text just to fake me out
The wine was already breathing
But I poured it down the drain
Promised myself
No one would make me feel that way again
Now I’m on the come up
You have to watch from afar
Probably hurts a little bit
With your popcorn and Raisinets
Hope you still livin’ life
With no regrets
I don’t want to make it big
I only need a corner of the star
Too humble, too nice
Too good of a guy
You said that, not me
You cut yourself from the team
And I still wonder why
This could be us on the Strip
Or on the beach
But you playin’
I hope you find happiness
In the dream world
That you stay in




Every day I write to my love
Always sincere
A calm flowing into a bay of unsteady nerves
An unavoidable risk
A necessary dive off a cliff
Random revelations tend to emerge from my pen
Old memories
New adventures
We are happy for each other
Somehow, we are sad at the same time
Every day
The same walk to the postbox
Yesterday it was raining
Such a terrible storm
An unavoidable risk
Nevertheless, my pace was steady
Today the sun shines
My heart is steady
I follow it for seven blocks
A tree is has decided that today is the day
Such a beautiful bloom
Never do I close the letter at home
For fear that I will want to add more along the way
I never do though
My hand shakes when signing my name
My mouth always too dry to lick the envelope
Fortunately, the sweat under my cap is always there to aid me
Dropping the letter in the box feels like letting a balloon go into the wind
Happiness and Sadness
At the same time
Every day.



I could still see your smile
Through all of the flames
I knew I was in trouble
We picked up all the pieces
I made a castle from the rubble
If pain was a lullaby
You could sing me to sleep
Or at least hum the melody
But now is the wrong time
The right time
The same time
You lost the heartfelt tune
As the clouds come and go
The sun stands with me
In place of your void
When I fall asleep
My hand remains open
Hanging off the side of the bed
Hoping to feel your fingers in my palm again
Your mind is here and there
With mine
Ironic how we so quickly
Lost track of time
Before you leave
Before I go
When I close my eyes
To see you
A smile comes
Barely shows
Caring too much
Brings its own woes

The Winners


We run

Seeking what we know we deserve

We catch our breath

Until we are ecstatic

Our sweat and tears

One in the same

After some stretching, bending, pulling

We are ready again

So much training

For what only

Seems to be moments

Before the gun

We look into each others eyes

In that one instance

Both say

“I do”

Then we are off

Racing from each other as fast as we can

Miles and miles apart

Yet together

At the same time

Seconds turning to Minutes

Minutes to Hours

Hoping that we trained enough

Until we see each other

At the finish line

“What took you so long?”

“Ha. I was going to ask you the same thing?”



Single Flower

She would always pick the flowers

Before they could bloom

I would try to tell her

To be patient

Let them get their toll up

Now she’s quiet

Like when she is in the kitchen

Trying to sneak one of my Roll-Ups

So I go back later and

Hide the box

Till she comes back

To hound me

She’s the fox

Pouting in the corner

Until I cave in on a day

Bright and full with sun

All petals gone

Here you go

I saved it for you

It’s the last one


(This song is awesome.)

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